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Yuanchuang Wire Mesh Group Co.,Ltd is located in the South of Mount Tai, coast of Wenshui and Dawen Kou Gypsum Industrial Park, adjoins Jing Tai Expressway and 104 State Road. It is a modern high-tech enterprise which focus on research and development, production, sales and technical advisory services for new geosynthetics and new environmental materials. 

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Pay attention to 5 points by experts on jointing c...

2017/08/22 The jointing connection of filament geotextile is the most important into the filament geotextile application. How to do... [details]
08.22 2017
What kind of role does geotextile play in the gree... Geotextile is a new type of building materials, the raw materials of geotextiles are polyester, polypropylene, acrylic, ...
08.22 2017
Requirements of anti-seepage construction of geome... When laying the geomembrane, be sure to lay down from top to bottom. Geomembrane and geomembrane, between the geomembran...
08.22 2017
Geogrid construction specification 1.Laying preparation work: (1)Foundation treatment: First of the lower level of leveling, rolling, requiring flatness of...
08.22 2017
How to identify the Geomembrane composites? In today’s market, the price of geomembrane composites is different. Such as the geomembrane composites 500g/㎡. And so...
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